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Walter Foster Authors & Artists

Bob Berry

Bob Berry, of Bob Berry Illustration & Design, has been an artist all his life, or at least since he was able to hold a pencil.


While the mainstay of Bob Berry Illustration & Design is children's publishing and textbooks, Bob has also provided art and illustration services for interactive CDs, website design, children's games and toy packaging, and character and costume design for the sports entertainment industry.

Bob is primarily self-taught, copying the techniques of his favorite comic book artists, like Russ Manning and Alex Toth, when he was growing up. His formal art education came later when he majored in painting and graphic design at The State University of New York at Purchase. After graduating he worked as a paste-up artist on the weekends and as a draftsman during the week. In his search for more creative work he landed a job art directing magazines for a small publisher. After that he opened up his own graphics firm with a fellow artist and has been in business for himself ever since.