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Lettering & Word Design

We love that unique and artistic lettering is popping up everywhere: from restaurant chalkboards to clever greeting cards. Lettering with a pointed brush is one of our favorite techniques. Try these tips for ideas for your next piece! 

 calligraphy lettering

Excerpted from The Art of Calligraphy & Lettering

Pointed Brush

The pointed brush is full of variables and thus may be a little unnerving at first. I think it is the most valuable tool in many ways because you can draw, paint, and write in a variety of media and on almost any surface. Direction, pressure, and speed all affect the line you make with the pointed brush. The brush can be held upright or on its side; you can work with the point for thin lines or the broader base for thick lines. Develop a feel for this tool by practicing a variety of strokes.

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