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Mediums: Acrylic Painting

Oil & Acrylic

Oceans & Seascapes

Color Mixing Recipes for Landscapes

Mixing recipes for more than 400 color combinations

Mix Your Own Acrylics

An Artist's Guide to Successful Color Mixing

Art of Acrylic Painting

Discover all the techniques you need to know to create beautiful paintings in acrylic

Oil & Acrylic


Modern Acrylics

Innovative mediums, tools, and techniques for today's artist

Still Lifes

Master the basic theories and techniques of painting still lifes in acrylic

Color Mixing in Acrylic

Learn to mix fresh, vibrant colors for still lifes, landscapes, portraits, and more


Master the basic theories and techniques of painting portraits in acrylic

Art of Painting in Acrylic

Master techniques for painting stunning works of art in acrylic-step by step

Oil & Acrylic: Pastoral Landscapes

Learn to paint panoramic vistas and colorful flora step by step

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