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Learn How to Draw a Horse

How to Draw a Horse

Beginning with simple shapes, these step-by-step instructions make it easy for anyone to learn to draw horses. Grab your colored pencils and drawing paper, and follow the steps below to create a horse in no time!

Step 1:

Draw circles for the horse's body and head.

 How to Draw a Horse

Step 2:

Draw lines to create the horse's neck and face.

  How to Draw a Horse

Step 3:

Draw the horse's legs, ears, eyes, nostrils, and mouth.

 How to Draw a Horse

 Step 4:

Draw the horse's mane, tail, and hooves.

How to Draw a Horse 

 Step 5:

Add a few details to make your horse look more realistic.

 How to Draw a Horse

Step 6:

Color your finished horse any way you like!

 How to Draw a Horse

 To learn how to draw a variety of horses, view more of our How to Draw Horses books.

Download: Learn How to Draw a Horse

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