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Learn How to Draw High Heel Shoes

draw shoes

Drawing shoes is an important part of fashion design. No matter whether you are drawing shoes for a classroom projects, designing a piece of art for your home, or sketching the latest addition to your fashion line, this lesson will teach you the basics.

Step 1

Start your high heel drawing by lightly sketching some elegantcurved lines with a pencil.  draw shoes

Step 2

Build on the lines by drawing the toe and heels.draw shoes

Step 3

Make the heels thicker and draw the back of the shoe.

draw shoes

Step 4

Keep developing the shapes, cleaning up the original, rough pencil lines as you go. Draw the toe opening and sides of the shoe at this time.

draw shoes

Step 5

Refine the lines you want to keep and draw a label inside of the shoe.

draw shoes

Step 6

Begin the shading with the pencil, concentrating on the insides and undersides of the shoes.

draw shoes

Step 7

Applying more pressure to the pencil, darken the lines and shading. Be sure to keep the shoes separate from each other. Finally, add cast shadows to make the heels look more substantial. Now your pencil drawing is complete!

draw shoes 

Artwork © Ed Tadem

Download: Learn How to Draw High Heel Shoes

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