Meet Angela Moulton

photograph of angela moulton

Angela Moulton is an artist working in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Inspired by nature, she aims to reflect her fascination with the world through her artwork. Angela teaches workshops, classes, and produces instructional videos. Her art is internationally collected. Angela splits her time between Idaho and Illinois. She is the author of 15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolor and Brushstrokes: Acrylic. We asked Angela a few question about her artistic process.

Quarto Creates: How did you first become interested in art and painting?
Angela Moulton: As a very young child, I loved drawing, coloring, painting, and making things.

I guess it’s been a life-long passion. As an adult, after studying music and accounting, I came back to art.

QC: What is your advice for those who want to try painting but aren’t sure where to start?
book cover for 15-Minute Painting: Effortless WatercolorAM: My advice to beginners is to start where you are.

Start with what you have and can afford. I started painting on index cards, as an adult! I just started filling up notebooks and anything I could get my hands on. I slowly started to build a collection of art supplies. It’s actually good to wade in at a comfortable pace. It was nice to figure out what worked and what I enjoyed without spending too much time or money.

QC: Who was your most influential teacher, and why?
AM: My most influential teachers were actually a music teacher and an author/artist named Hans Hoffmann.

The things I learned about creating from the heart via my music teacher apply to art and life in general. Hans wrote a book called Color Creates Light, which is one of my favorite books for inspiration.

QC: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from creating?
AM: The most important lesson I have learned from creating is that it’s a personal journey.

No two journeys will be the same. And enjoy the process!

Learn more about Angela’s work on Instagram @angelamoultonart and online at prattcreek.comBe sure to get your copies of 15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolor and Brushstrokes: Acrylics both available now!