Meet Kristine A. Lombardi

Kristine A. Lombardi is a professional illustrator who began her career in advertising and promotions before leaving the corporate world to focus on design and illustration. She is author and illustrator behind Nature Painting in Watercolor and Paint Every Little Thing. We asked Kristine a few questions about her artistic process.


Quarto Creates: How did you first become interested in painting?

Kristine A. Lombardi: I suppose I was always interested in painting–going all the way back to kindergarten and finger paint, ha ha! But I would say in the past ten years or so, I have spent more time working in watercolor and gouache.

QC: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from creating?

KL: I think that it’s really important to experiment and try new mediums and techniques. For years now I have given myself at least an hour in the morning to play. I have my coffee and often participate in art challenges on Instagram just so I can experiment. It takes the pressure off when it is a project just for yourself versus publication and I have discovered so many fun methods that way!

QC: What is your advice for those who want to try painting but aren’t sure where to start?

KL: Just dive in! You can start with very basic materials but get yourself a heavier paper to avoid buckling. Paint something that interests you…it could be your backyard, your pet, your shoes–anything. Get that brush moving and just play for now. Start by getting the basic shapes and adding details later. Try not to muddy your palette so the colors stay vibrant. Have fun with it.

QC: What artists do you look to for inspiration (both creative and professional)?

KL: Oh there are so many artists who inspire me. I love Dufy, Hopper, Modigliani and lots of fine artists, as well as illustrators from the 60s like Sasek, Madden and Duvoisin.

QC: What did you learn about yourself and your art while writing your books?

KL: I really had to think about my process so that I could put it into actionable steps for the reader. I find that after years of making art, the process is almost automatic, so it was very challenging to write.

You sort of just do things without realizing you do them! So I had to slow down and think about the best ways to teach a beginner. In writing the books, I also trained my eye to really study the things in front of me.

While working on “Nature Painting” I spent so much time outdoors studying plants, barks, rocks, etc. I kept all kinds of notes and really enjoyed documenting everything.

Learn more about Kristine’s work on Instagram @illustrationlombardi and online at Be sure to get your copies of Nature Painting in Watercolor and Paint Every Little Thing!