Meet Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner is a lawyer, mother, self-taught artist, and the winner in Walter Foster’s Win-A-Book-Deal contest! We caught up with Sarah after she learned she won to ask a few questions about her art and the contest.

Walter Foster Publishing: Sarah, congratulations! How do you feel about becoming a published author?

Sarah Gardner: I am beyond excited to become a published author! I have a whole library of books about art: mixed media, art journaling, sketching, watercolor, drawing, etc.– and several Walter Foster and Quarry Books publications are among these. To think of my own book sitting on my bookshelf among all of these is a dream come true!

WFP: Speaking of bookshelves, what’s your local library and favorite local bookstore?

SG: My library is walking distance from my home; it’s the Cardiff by the Sea Branch of the San Diego County Library. My favorite local bookstore is Artifact Books in downtown Encinitas about three miles from my house.

WFP: What will you be featuring in your upcoming book?

SG: I have been making mixed media postcards for many years. Making art and sending it away has been a rewarding way to develop my skills as an artist as well as my own personal style. It has also been a way to form art connections all over the world. It’s fun to get art in the mail, of course. But making the cards, sending them out, and giving them away is, to me, sharing my joy. My book will be all about shareable art. Making art gives me joy. Teaching online classes about how I make what I make is also a way to do this. And this book will be another way for me to share my joy. But even better than all of that, it will be about helping others share theirs!

WFP: What do you love most about creating?

SG: I’m a recovering perfectionist. What this means is that have usually been in judgment mode, in whatever I do. Creating has allowed me to feel free of this judgment. I can enjoy the process, experiment, play around with my art supplies.  I’m focused and in flow, fully engaged in the little choices and steps I take along the way in creating, and I’m not judging. I’m not worried about how it will “turn out.” This helps me connect to myself, trust my intuition, and let go of perfectionism.

WFP: Where can people learn more about you before the book comes out?

SG: I have a website: I also have begun to set up my Teachable School, where I will be hosting online mixed media art classes of my own in the near future:  I have a YouTube Channel with some how-to’s and watch me create videos:  Finally, I have two Instagram accounts, one personal, and one for my art business: Juicy*S Art. But if you follow either one, you’re good! and

WFP: Thanks so much, Sarah! And we hope everyone will keep an eye out next year for your brand new book! I’m sure you’ll keep everyone up-to-date on social media as you continue the process.