2000 Pattern Combinations

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Jane Callender

Pattern design is booming in the craft, textile, fashion and graphic design worlds. This is a much-needed book on simple and more advanced ways of creating pattern with a source of 2000 colourful combinations that you can use for further creative work.

The simplest pattern is a repeat of a motif. You can make that more interesting by creating a brickwork grid when repeating motifs. Make it different again by rotating the image, or by mirroring it. Taking the reader through various pattern developments thoroughly, it shows how one motif can lead to inexhaustible pattern interpretations. All these techniques are explained and illustrated, making the book an ideal way of learning about pattern design basics as well as finding an inspirational pattern.

This is a visually rich book that has application for any kind of designer, whether working on fabric, the web or the world of graphics.

PRICE: $29.95 / Can$35.95 / £20.00


FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9781849940078

SIZE: 8.661 in x 8.661in / 220mm x 220 mm

PUBLISHED: September 30, 2011

Jane Callender is a textile artist who specializes in shibori. Through her Shibori work she has developed a passion for pattern making. She has studied at a range of colleges, including the Natalie Bray School of Haute Couture. She now lectures and teaches all over the world.