Artful Handmade Wrap Bracelets

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Di Kim

Artful Handmade Wrap Bracelets is an amazing step-by-step guide to make beautiful jewelry for all occasions. Author Di Kim will walk you through tools and materials, basic braids & knots, and fastenings. All you need to make any style of bracelet, whether plain and simple, or glammed-up with precious metals, stones, crystals or glass!

– Over 25 projects for stylish, covetable jewelry that combines informal style with fine materials

– Clear step-by-step instructions on basic braiding and knotting techniques, using a variety of cord materials, from leather and hemp to silk and ribbon

– Easy-to-follow guides to using beads, precious metal components, semiprecious gemstones, and more in your designs

– Features a full-color gallery of different styles, plus inspiration to create custom looks for a colorful wrist party

PRICE: $21.99 / Can$23.99

MEDIUM: Craft, Other Craft

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9781937994365

SIZE: 8.25 in x 8.25in / 209.55mm x 209.55 mm

PUBLISHED: February 15, 2014

Born from a long line of artists and designers, Di Kim is no stranger to the world of creative art. With parents, siblings, and other close relatives all with careers in the design industry, it was only natural for Di eventually to follow suit. Combining her love of fashion and style with a Do-It-Yourself mantra, this self-taught jewelry designer began creating pieces from her home in Houston, Texas. She currently sells her jewelry online through Etsy, as well as at local boutiques, gift markets, and trade shows.