Draw Manga

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Bruce Lewis

Manga is the Japanese word for comic. The distinctive manga style – petite girls with huge eyes, spiked hair and funky clothes, kung fu fighting in edgy urban settings captured from unusual and dramatic angles – has entered the mainstream comics, graphics and advertising of the West and is an outstandingly popular style with aspiring comic artists.

The ‘how to’ manga books currently available are translations from the Japanese. They are often poorly translated, containing cultural assumptions not necessarily obvious or applicable to a Westerner. ‘Draw Manga’ takes an entirely fresh approach. Bruce Lewis explains manga and its roots, teaches the conventions of manga illustration, but encourages the reader to develop their own unique style. Why ape manga when you can develop its exciting conventions in your own way? ‘Draw Manga’ builds your skills, from drawing the basic figure, creating believable characters and setting the scene, to developing a story and creating dramatic lettering. By the end of the book you will know how to create your own manga and how to publish your work on paper or online. This comprehensive approach to thinking and drawing manga is the essential guide.

PRICE: $17.95 / Can$23.50 / £14.99

MEDIUM: Drawing & Illustration, Illustration

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9781843401889

SIZE: 8.583 in x 10.866in / 218mm x 276 mm

PUBLISHED: October 24, 2005