Handcrafted Soaps

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Janice Cox, Dana Youlin

It has never been easier or more fun to craft your own quality soap! Handcrafted Soaps gives you the tips, techniques, inspiration, and basic supplies that you will need to make your own natural soaps right at home.

From Milk-and-Honey Bars to Energizing Spice Bars, the 12 recipes featured in Handcrafted Soaps are easy to follow, and the results are divine. In addition to a 48-page step-by-step instruction book with full-color photos, the starter kit includes:

  • 12 custom soap molds
  • A glycerin base
  • 3 dye colors
  • Mixing spoons
  • 5 die-cut paper gift boxes to beautifully package the finished products

Additional ingredients used in the twelve recipes can easily be found in your kitchen and garden.

Eager to design your own soaps? Handcrafted Soaps is your guide to crafting a wide variety of original creations, customizing on skin type and scent preferences. By enhancing the recipes with your own herbs, aromatherapy oils, nourishing cocoa butter, or soothing honey, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you choose to follow one of the 12 classic recipes, or are inspired to create your own variation, the results are the same: luxurious soaps that make the perfect gift—though you may be tempted to keep a few for yourself.

Creating beautiful handcrafted soaps is a fun and educational activity the whole family will love!

PRICE: $19.99 / Can$24.99 / £10.83

MEDIUM: Craft, Other Craft


ISBN: 9780760355244

SIZE: 6 in x 7.75in / 152.4mm x 196.85 mm

PUBLISHED: October 3, 2017

Janice Cox is America's leading expert on natural beauty at home, and is the author of three best-selling books on the subject. She is also a featured columnist for Herb Quarterly and Herb Companion.