Kids' Ultimate Craft Book

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The perfect guide to crafting with kids, Kids’ Ultimate Craft Book starts with the absolute basics, then gradually introduces skills and techniques so kids can create fantastic projects with beading, braiding and knotting, crochet, knitting, and sewing.

  • Beading. Begins with beads, charms, and pendants, moves on to working with thread and wire, then shows how to make a tiara, a button ring, a skater cuff, and more.  
  • Braiding and Knotting. Demonstrates techniques for creating with different cords and fibers to make necklaces, leashes, and key chains.
  • Crochet. Starts with an overview of hooks and yarns, then shows how the most basic crochet stitches can be used to create a bracelet, a bookmark, and a water bottle carrier.
  • Knitting. Following an overview of essential stitches and concepts, including how to read a pattern, are designs for coasters, a washcloth, and a cowl.
  • Sewing. Teaches simple hand sewing, then gradually introduces the skills kids need to sew safely and confidently with a sewing machine to make a pot holder and a fabric frame. 

Projects are rated for difficulty so kids can learn and grow as they build skills and develop dexterity and confidence.

With 400 photos and clear, concise instructions, Kids’ Ultimate Craft Book lets you and your child collaborate to create crafty projects together!

PRICE: $24.99 / Can$32.99 / £18.99

MEDIUM: Craft, Crafts for Children, Other Craft

SERIES: Creative Kids

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9780760370926

SIZE: 7.5 in x 10in / 190.5mm x 254 mm

PUBLISHED: June 22, 2021

Chapter 1 Bead Crafts
Materials and Tools
Friendship Charm Pin
Twirly Whirly Watch Bracelet
Button Ring
Crystal Night-Light Shade
Chapter 2 Braiding and Knotting
Materials and Tools
Survival (Paracord) Bracelet
Fancy Flip-Flops
Dog Leash
Chapter 3 Crochet
Materials and Tools
Braided Chains Friendship Bracelet
Monster Madness!
Great Grannies Scarf
Chapter 4 Knitting
Materials and Tools
Favorite Washcloth
Pencil Roll
Chapter 5 Sewing
Materials and Tools
Scrappy Cards
Keep It Close Bed Organizer
Secret Pocket Pillow
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