Neon Spiral Art

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Paul Beck

Create hundreds of unique spiral designs with Neon Spiral Art's customizable gears and neon pens. The 32-page instruction book contains tips and tricks for creating vibrant designs as well as fun facts about the geometry of spiral art.

Customizable gears equal a multitude of creative possibilities! Individual plastic pieces snap together to create over 50 unique combinations to spin colorful neon designs. Place a large gear on the page and trace the smaller gear’s path around it to create curves and spirals in all shapes and sizes, making hundreds of beautiful patterns. Neon pens inject a special radiance into each project.

With the items included in this kit, hours of creative fun await:

  • 2 neon pens 
  • 29 customizable plastic gears
  • A 32-page book full of inspiring designs and facts

PRICE: $19.99 / Can$25.99 / £12.49

MEDIUM: Craft, Drawing & Illustration, Other Craft, Pen & ink


ISBN: 334745

SIZE: 7.75 in x 9.75in / 196.85mm x 247.65 mm

PUBLISHED: June 23, 2020

Paul Beck writes about science and technology for readers of all ages. He has more than 15 years’ experience writing nonfiction books for children and has authored more than 60 books on subjects ranging from architecture to history to zoology. His books include Uncover a Dog, Uncover a Cat, Skulls, and The Field Guide to Safari Animals. When not writing, he enjoys playing music and drawing moose cartoons. He lives in Portland, Oregon.