Playing with Books

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Jason Thompson

In these pages, Jason Thompson has curated an extensive and artistic range of both achievable upcycled crafts made from books and book pages and an amazing gallery that contains thought-provoking and beautiful works that transform books into art.

The content encompasses a wide range of techniques and step-by-step projects that deconstruct and rebuild books and their parts into unique, upcycled objects. The book combines in equal measure bookbinding, woodworking, paper crafting, origami, and textile and decorative arts techniques, along with a healthy dose of experimentation and fun.The beautiful high-end presentation and stunning photography make this book a delightful, must-have volume for any book-loving artist or art-loving book collector.

PRICE: $24.99 / Can$31.99 / £16.99

MEDIUM: Craft, Mixed Media, Other Craft

SERIES: Playing

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9781592536009

SIZE: 8.62 in x 10.25in / 218.95mm x 260.35 mm

PUBLISHED: April 1, 2010

“Why not pick up this book and sit down and quietly work on a project or perhaps grab a few friends, a bottle of wine, and put on some inspiring music and create something together? Experimenting with arts and crafts projects at home can be great soul food and help break boring routines and even lift one from a rut. That is why I craft at home -- not because I'm an expert at it (some I dare not show anyone because frankly, they look like the work of a toddler!) but because I have fun doing it. This beautiful title is now available at bookstores nationwide or on Congratulations to Jason and to his team who made this book a reality. Lovely” -Book Review by Holly Becker