Saturday AM Presents How to Draw Diverse Manga

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Learn how to create diverse manga-style characters from the talented team of artists at Saturday AM magazine, the world’s leading showcase of diverse anime and manga stories and characters.

Saturday AM Presents How to Draw Diverse Manga features Saturday AM’s most popular artists, who themselves represent racial identities, ethnicities, and cultures from all over the world as well as diverse gender identities. The reader-friendly, step-by-step presentation, which is accessible even to beginning artists, shares drawing guidance for:

  • Faces, features, and expressions
  • Bodies, proportions, and body positivity
  • Hair, including afros, braids, and waves
  • Developing character design through the language of shape, silhouette, and color schemes  
  • Avoiding stereotypes and caricatures

Perfect for beginning to intermediate manga and anime artists, character designers, fantasy illustrators, animators, and cartoonists, Saturday AM Presents How to Draw Diverse Manga offers an insider’s point of view and expertise on how to design and draw authentic manga characters that reflect diverse identities and backgrounds.

PRICE: $24.99 / Can$32.99 / £18.99

MEDIUM: Drawing & Illustration, Illustration

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9780760375426

SIZE: 8.5 in x 11in / 215.9mm x 279.4 mm

PUBLISHED: July 12, 2022

Saturday AM is a unique digital comics brand featuring an ever-growing catalog of popular, exclusive, and diverse action manga-style webcomics by independent creators from around the world. Among the nearly 50 visionary artists on the Saturday AM team are @WhytManga (Apple Black), @JeyOdin (Hammer), and @saigaimiproject (Saigami). To learn more about Saturday AM, visit, or find them on Instagram (@saturday_am), YouTube (, and Twitter (@saturday_am).