The Industrial Design Reference & Specification Book

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Dan Cuffaro, Isaac Zaksenberg

The Industrial Design Reference & Specification Book is the first book to gather all the essential pieces of information industrial designers need on a daily basis in one concise handbook. It's a reference you'll turn to over and over again to efficiently create designs that work, last, and minimize unnecessary risk.

To make designs that work and endure (and are also legal), designers need to know—or be able to find—an endless number of details. Whether it's what kind of glue needs to be used on a certain surface, metric equivalents, thread sizes, or how to apply for a patent, these details are essential and must be readily available so designers can create successful products efficiently.

These pages are filled with information that is critical to successful product design, including information on:

  • Measurement conversions
  • Trademark and copyright standards
  • Patents and product-related intellectual property rights/standards
  • Setting up files for prototyping and production runs
  • Manufacturing and packaging options to optimize the design

The Industrial Design Reference & Specification Book is an essential resource for any industrial or product designer.

The Reference & Specification Book series from Rockport Publishers offers students and practicing professionals in a range of creative industries must-have information in their area of specialty in an up-to-date, concise handbook.

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SERIES: Reference & Specification Book

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9781592538478

SIZE: 5.4625 in x 7.8375in / 138.75mm x 199.07 mm

PUBLISHED: September 15, 2013

Dan Cuffaro is a professor of industrial design and the chair of industrial design at The Cleveland Institute of Art. Prior to that, he worked as design director for a design firm where his clients included Compaq, Polaroid, Symbol Technologies, Tupperware, Lego, Black & Decker, DeWalt, and Sunbeam.

Isaac Zaksenberg is an Adjunct Professor in the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University in Union, NJ.