Write Away! Poetry

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Silence that inner critic and let your creative juices flow. Write Away! Poetry is a personal guided journal to help you explore poetry writing like never before.

This journal allows you to dive right into writing poems, no matter your level of experience. More than 75 prompts are organized in an easy-to-follow way to encourage reflection and capture random thoughts, vivid memories, and fleeting feelings. Each prompt includes ample space for writing. A variety of prompts will help you find inspiration, try new approaches to writing, and learn to play with language, such as:

Poems playing with memory:
Write a poem about lost or forgotten things, a place you’ve traveled, a teacher you’ve had, or your childhood home.

Poems playing with words:
Write a poem using idioms, personification, alliteration, or onomatopoeia. 

Poems playing with the senses:
Write a poem using your favorite smells, the color blue, the sounds of rain, the feeling of an icy lake.

Poems playing with form:
Write a poem where each line begins with a certain letter, a poem that takes on a shape, a haiku, or a couplet.

Use these prompts to jot down whatever comes to mind, whether it’s disjointed thoughts and phrases or fully realized poems. There are no wrong answers, as each poem is unique and personal to you. These pages are yours for the creating! Start the poetry journey today with Write Away! Poetry.

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FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 355080

SIZE: 6.3 in x 8.27in / 160.02mm x 210.06 mm

PUBLISHED: August 29, 2023

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