The Complete Book of Drawing Optical Illusions, 3D Illustrations, and Spiral Art

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Jonathan Stephen Harris, Stefan Pabst

Designed for artists of all skill levels, The Complete Book of Drawing Optical Illusions, 3D Illustrations, and Spiral Art will help you create mind-bending art with simple step-by-step instructions.

Optical illusions, 3D trick illustrations, and spiral art may look difficult to create, but with just a little bit of guidance, they can be easily achieved. Artists Jonathan Stephen Harris and Stefan Pabst guide you step by step in creating mind-blowing pencil drawings, starting with basic illustrations and progressing to more challenging ones. From impossible shapes to three-dimensional sketches and trick art, you won’t believe your eyes as you learn to draw these impressive graphite and colored pencil illustrations.

Learn to draw more than 50 stunning items, including:

  • Floating Shapes & Impossible Shapes
  • 5-Legged Elephant
  • Transparent Cube
  • Water Droplet
  • 3D Hole
  • 3D Chichen Itza pyramids
  • 3D Tyrannosaurus rex
  • 3D Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Spiral Rose
  • Spiral Panda
  • Spiral Diamond Ring
  • Spiral Butterfly
  • And much more!

Certain techniques can be used to create these types of illustrations, and this comprehensive guide gives clear instructions for everything you need to know. The Complete Book of Drawing Optical Illusions, 3D Illustrations, and Spiral Art begins with information on tools and materials, perspective, and shading, and then jumps into the first simple step-by-step project. At the end of the book is an inspirational idea gallery for more mind-bending art you can create.

As you work through the art projects in this book, you will hone your drawing skills in the most intriguing way possible, while also exercising your mind with these brain-boosting, unbelievable illustrations! Just like a magician, you’ll be able to wow your family and friends with your own stunning trick art!

PRICE: $24.99 / Can$32.99 / £18.99

MEDIUM: Craft, Drawing & Illustration, Other Craft, Pencil

SERIES: The Complete Book of ...

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9780760378243

SIZE: 8.5 in x 11in / 215.9mm x 279.4 mm

PUBLISHED: March 5, 2024

Jonathan Stephen Harris started his freelance artist career drawing portraits of people and pets, and then moved on to creating tattoo flash (tattoo designs) for studios all over the world. He spent 10 years creating custom tattoo designs. Now he spends most of his time painting and creating fonts and typefaces for both personal and commercial use. He has a successful YouTube channel, TattooWoo, showing how-to-draw videos and his processes for creating art and designs. Jonathan is the author of The Art of Drawing Optical Illusions and The Art of Spiral Drawing, both from Walter Foster Publishing.

Stefan Pabst calls himself the portrait painter, and for good reason. A professional artist based in Germany who grew up in Russia, Stefan creates photorealistic 3D drawings and paintings. He has been featured on BuzzFeed, My Modern Met, and Laughing Squid, among others, and his online instructional videos garner tens of thousands of views each. Learn more at