Bear at the Beach and Other Adventures

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Clay Carmichael

Bear at the Beach & Other Adventures presents children with three stories of a cuddly, plush, bear named Bear. Bear goes on adventures and learns about friendship and emotions.

In Bear at the Beach & Others Adventures, kids and parents will find a collection of three stories from writer and illustrator Clay Carmichael. The loveable and stuffed Bear is center stage, taking on adventures of heart at home and afar.

In Bear at the Beach, our plush protagonist sets out to find a father who will love him unconditionally, but learns that his little girl, Clara, gives him all the love he needs. In Used-Up Bear, time has left our favorite stuffed toy in dire, threadbare straits. Will Clara throw Bear away in favor of a shiny new toy? The surprising and heart-warming conclusion cements Bear's place in Clara's life. Bear loses Clara in Lonesome Bear, and befriends new toys on his search for his best friend. Full of emotions that young children can relate to, Clay Carmichael's endearing collection is a gentle introduction to reading.

PRICE: $14.95 / Can$19.95 / £9.99


FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9781633223707

SIZE: 6.67 in x 9in / 169.42mm x 228.6 mm

PUBLISHED: October 24, 2017

Clay Carmichael is an award-winning author and illustrator. Clay was born and grew up in Chapel Hill, NC. She attended Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, and graduated summa cum laude in creative writing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her picture books, including Bear at the Beach, and her young adult novels have been translated into many languages. Her young adult novel, Wild Things, was nameda 2010 ALA Notable Children's Book and a 2010 Bank Street College Book of the Year/Starred. She lives, writes, and illustrates in Carrboro, NC, with her sculptor-husband, Mike Roig, and an ever-growing number of animals. Each year, she and her husband open their art studios to the public the first two weekends in November.