Learn to Draw Disney's Moana

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The step-by-step drawing exercises in Learn to Draw Disney's Moana will have you drawing all your favorite characters from the island of Motunui and beyond its reef in no time!

With just a bit of practice, even beginning artists can draw all their favorite Moana characters. This 64-page book features easy step-by-step instructions for drawing the adventurous wayfinder Moana, the tattoo-covered demi-god Maui, Moana’s mother Sina and father Chief Tui, Pua the pig and Heihei the rooster, and those coconut-armored bandits—the Kakamora. All you'll need to start drawing are a few supplies. And the easy-to-follow instructions in this book will guide you through each step, showing you how each step builds upon the last to create a finished piece of art.

You just need to grab a pencil, a piece of paper, and your copy of Learn to Draw Disney's Moana, and flip to the character you want to draw. You’ll draw the basic shapes shown in step one, and move on to step two, step three, and keep going! The new lines in each step are shown in blue, so you’ll know exactly what to draw. After adding all the details in each step, darken the lines you want to keep and erase the rest. Finally, add color to your drawing with felt-tip markers, colored pencils, watercolors, or acrylic paints. 

Plus, learn some fun facts about the characters as you learn to draw them. Brief character descriptions and art tips from professional Disney animators round out this exciting artistic adventure across the seas of Oceania. So grab your drawing pencils and paper and get ready to draw with Moana!

PRICE: $9.95 / Can$12.95

MEDIUM: Art & Activity Books, Non-fiction

SERIES: Licensed Learn to Draw

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9781633221444

SIZE: 8.5 in x 11in / 215.9mm x 279.4 mm

PUBLISHED: December 19, 2016

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