My First Book of Gymnastics

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Rida Ouerghi, Elsa Fouquier

My First Book of Gymnastics gets young readers moving with 10 playful exercises, accompanied by step-by-step instructions and illustrated characters that kids will love.

Kids have so much energy, don't they? That's because they need to get up and move around! It’s never too soon to teach the benefits of health and physical fitness. This fun follow-up to Walter Foster Jr.’s My First Book of Pilates teaches children and parents alike the basic movements of gymnastics: walking, running, crawling, jumping, and turning. Each exercise doesn't have to be done perfectly. The point is just to get moving!

Featuring 10 poses and exercises for young children with a series of simple and playful movements, My First Book of Gymnastics shows kids how fun and easy gymnastics can be. Whether learning how to leap like a frog, crawl on knees and elbows like a turtle, or slither like a crocodile, kids will delight in learning and practicing gymnastics. Each movement is inspired by an animal or object to make the exercises enjoyable.

By learning gymnastics, children will gain physical benefits of improved coordinationstrength, and flexibility; not to mention key awareness of their body and a love and discipline for exercise and fitness.

PRICE: $16.95 / Can$21.95 / £10.99


SERIES: My First Book Of ... Series

FORMAT: Hardback

ISBN: 9781633226296

SIZE: 9 in x 9in / 228.6mm x 228.6 mm

PUBLISHED: September 25, 2018

Rida Ouerghi is a physical education teacher at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University and a certified Pilates instructor.

Elsa Fouquier is an artist and illustrator who attended the Emile Chohl school in Lyon, France. She enjoys engraving, painting and digital art, and has published more than 10 books for children. Learn more at