Bad Dog's Diary … Continued

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Martin Howard

It’s what all fans of the very popular ‘Bad Dog’s Diary’ have been waiting for. ‘The Bad Dog’s Diary: Blakes Progress’ sees Blake the mongrel part of a bigger family – the owner now has a baby – and finds himself dealing with the difficulties of fatherhood himself, thanks to the antics of his own step-puppy. The neighbourhood troop of trusty canine friends also find themselves with a new challenge in the shape of a damsel in distress: the blind dog Lolly is in need of rescue from her abusive owner. Full of more wonderful cheeky humour, the ‘Bad Dog’s Diary’ will delight fans of the first book, and dog lovers everywhere.

PRICE: £9.99


FORMAT: Hardback

ISBN: 9781906032357

SIZE: 5.039 in x 7.52in / 128mm x 191 mm

PUBLISHED: August 18, 2008

Martin Howard produces laugh-out-loud books for both children and adults. For children he has written How to Cook Children: A Grisly Recipe Book (Pavilion 2008), the Witches at War! trilogy (Pavilion), and Germs: An Epic Tale on a Tiny Scale (Pavilion 2010) for younger children. His work for adults includes the popular Bad Dog's Diary series (Portico) and One Grump or Two, under the pseudonym Arthur Grump (Portico 2008). Martin lives in the south of France with his wife and three children.