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Martha Valentine

  • A lovely look at the types of Dads there are – which type of dad are you ‘blessed’ with?
  • Share laughs and fun with dad this Father’s Day with this great gift book

Dads. What would we do without them? They may get the raw deal next to Mums but they are always there for you when you need their wallet and for that reason alone they should all be celebrated in their smelly and beerbellied glory – each and every kind.  Featuring: the grumpy old man dad, ATM dad, the reckless dad who lets you stay out longer than mum, the dad who has no idea how to turn the oven on and the dad who shows off his new toys to the neighbours, among many other hilarious examples. All dads are different, unique and special – and whether they let you borrow the car or not –  they all deserve celebrating!

DADTASTIC! is One Small Book for Dads, One Joyful Look at Dad-kinds!

PRICE: £4.99


FORMAT: Hardback

ISBN: 9781906032821

SIZE: 5.787 in x 4.055in / 147mm x 103 mm

PUBLISHED: May 4, 2010

Martha Valentine has had first-hand combat experience with older brothers since the 1980's. The bestselliing Mumtastic! and Dadtastic! (9781906032616, 9781906032821) were her first books.