When In Rome . . .

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Michael Haskins, Willie Ryan

When In Rome is a riotous, hilarious gift book that highlights the varying differences between foreign etiquettes when you travel abroad. The book illustrates various nations’ cultural, social etiquettes and customs and how funny, confusing and downright ridiculous they are when compared to each other. The book is a rip-roaring guide to 50+ nations’ opposing gestures, manners and ways of expressing themselves physically, when their is a communication breakdown in the language barrier. For example, never put your hands on your hips next to a Mexican (you’re asking for a fight), and never give and Iranian a thumbs up (its rude). Trouble will ensue if you do!

So, your government urges you: take this amazing travel guide with you with you when abroad, read it, learn from it and if you happen to meet a foreign traveller (which will be inevitable) remember what you’ve learnt and, please, please, please be on your best behaviour. 

Word count: 20,000

PRICE: £6.99


FORMAT: Hardback

ISBN: 9781907554575

SIZE: 5.276 in x 6.575in / 134mm x 167 mm

PUBLISHED: April 5, 2012

Mike Haskins is a comedy writer (for Steve Coogan, Hale & Pace and Griff Rhys Jones) and joke book author of international recogntion. He co-wrote the best-selling Man Walks Into A Bar and The Rude Joke Book. 

Willie is a well established illustrator based in the UK, with a wide national and international clientbase covering editorial, advertising, publishing, packaging and broadcasting commissions.